Rice in Country

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The Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication is offering six Rice-in-Country study abroad programs in Argentina, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Spain in the summer of 2018. Our summer language programs offer a unique experience that students would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Students who complete the program receive six credits through a combination of a homestay experience, coursework, community engagement, cultural excursions and interaction with local language partners.

Important Dates

 Application Opens: Monday, November 13
 Application Deadline:  Friday, January 19
 Decision Notification:  Monday, February 12
 Deposit Deadline:  Friday, February 23
 Pre-Departure Orientation:  Monday, April 23
 Program Dates: Argentina: May 21 – June 29, 2018
France: May 21 – June 29, 2018
Germany: May 21 – June 29, 2018
Japan: May 15 – June 25, 2018
Korea: May 21 – June 29, 2018
Spain: May 21 – June 29, 2018


Homestay Experience

CLIC’s programs take a serious approach to the selection, vetting and guidance of host families to maximize and enhance our students’ engagement with the local community.


Community Engagement

Community service work is an integral part of the experience, with opportunities to volunteer in local schools, nursing homes and other social spaces on site.


Sociolinguistic Awareness

Over the six-week summer program, students complete two semesters’ worth of coursework with an emphasis on the collection and analysis of language in its natural sociolinguistic context.

“Rice faculty teach programs in eight different countries with the help of local universities. The students we take with us are always immersed in the language, and not every program does this.” – Dr. Rafael Salaberry, Director.

“I do my best to bring culture into the classroom, but it’s better to experience a culture, rather than talk about it.”- Dr. Naoko Ozaki, Rice in Japan

“We combine the Rice class Spanish for Medical Purposes (SPAN 322) with an apprenticeship class. Students will be doing hands-on work, shadowing doctors at the university hospital, and doing simulations and workshops in the school of medicine.”- Prof. Victoria Abad, Rice in Spain

“I made a real friend in Spanish, which is something I thought was beyond awesome.”- John Michael Austin ’19, Rice in Argentina